1.3 Teleportation

Jimmy Donahue
August 26, 2013

Ever wish you could get beamed up to work? listen to find out how it could work!!




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  1. Another great show, In Trek the transporter was used mainly from orbit to surface, or ship to ship. To reference a great movie, they had two transporters in Galaxy Quest, the slice and dicer which was quirky, he was inside out then exploded. and they had the liquid pod version. I can foresee a wireless space elevator that could transport you at much greater than terminal velocity speeds. Which would be similar to a high rise elevator trip, that would shield you from velocities and elements. So the law of diminished returns to go from orbit to surface in 3 minutes to 3 seconds seems to have a driving force to develop such a system problematic. the steps from inorganic to organic material to living organism, then living organism plus memories, seem to be exponential steps. And the from organic to organism refers back to your friend Frankenstein and his Munster {Herman}. We need to know what the spark of life is, and how to quantify it, and replicate it, this seems the largest piece of the puzzle in my fuzzy little brain. And on planet transportation, if I can blind my occupants to negative acceleration effects I can transport you as fast as any artillery piece “Faster than a speeding bullet which puts Japan minutes away not hours, what need could there be for seconds?

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