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  1. Nice show on the philosophy of science, I like to say there is no Pope of science, so there is no one complete scientific method agreed to. What do we hope to gain by using the “scientific method”? Aren’t we trying to distinguish signal from noise? Karl Popper thought that falsifiabilty should be added to the method, to distinguish between pseudo -science and real science. If you can’t determine a test to prove your theory false you leave the realm of science. This has been the main critique of Darwinism it holds itself immune from testing. The common thought now is dinosaurs turned into modern birds, yet when we dig up modern bird remains in deeper older strata the theory seems impervious , to anything that challenges it. I like a test we will no the answer to shortly genetic archaeology, will tell us if the “out of Africa ” theory or “the out of Mesopotamia theory ” is correct. I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, when genetic tracers prove man came from Mesopotamia , it will not affect the out of Africa dogma, it will be that is the only branch that lived. We have seen test after test ignored on DNA complexity arising from random chance, it fails in game theory, information theory, and cryptology studies. Yet the dogma of simple undirected forces making cell hardware more complex than modern computer programs, still stays undaunted. Newtonian physics follow falsifiabilty rather closely. Maybe the problem is not with the method, yet with things we want to claim are science, which are more akin to dogma. I would add the reflectivity of CO2 to this list. How close to “the emperor’s new clothes” has the argument that “man made global warming via CO2 ” gotten to this, if one chooses to doubt, and doubt and skepticism should be a strong tool, in scientific exploration. Seems more akin to questioning dogma? It is equated to the “flat earth society” even the language has religous overtones “they are deniers.” Sounds like someone who has left the faith, not that they are skeptics. As always a good show. thanks Jim

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