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  1. Another great show, how close do we need to be? If we can quantify what it is to empathize if I can empathize to 90% of how you feel , or 99.9 % , since like Jimmy pointed out, our past determines how we feel about something, and the number of times recalled alters memories, and we can reduce the emotional pain from an event, through altering the way we recall them. We surely will be able to fine tune machines to read micro-expressions. If the old adage 80% of communication is nonverbal it seems we could program machines with the most effective responses by judging the nonverbal. We need Google translate for men, the AI will analyze what women say , Cyrano will whisper in our ear how we should respond. On empathy I was struck harder by the death of my brother in-law Eddie than I was my own father, I was closer and fonder to my own father, yet Eddie kids weren’t grown, it is something I have thought about. I never met C.S. Lewis I have read most of his published writings, I have cried in my fair share of movies. In the movie “Shadow-lands” when Joy dies, I almost doubled over, I was grief stricken, in a greater way than death of anyone I had actually met. For an event that happened before I was born, because actors were pretending to reenact it. How many people have felt the emotion in “Ode to Joy” without knowing the back story? Is that empathy? If we live in a materialistic universe and emotions are just brain chemistry, then why couldn’t we repeat the illusion? Will AI be able to top Ode to joy? We use soundtracks to evoke emotional reactions now, a machine that knows how to use empathy might be our master, using our hormones as shackles. Thanks Jim

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