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  1. Another fascinating show, the definition is the heart of it, you have the invisibility cloak of Potter fame and active camouflage of Predator fame. All camouflage is easier when not moving. Even for the chameleon. And whom or what I’m hiding from. For a fixed item like the a.c. unit it is simple to paint like the background to make it less of an eyesore. Or fake rocks over pool equipment. A suit covered with electric ink similar to what is in the Kindle as opposed to projected light, seems better. More like a chameleon or octopus which also changes texture to match. I see army tents like this in the near future, and a temputure control to direct heat down into the ground as opposed to up for infra-red detection. Now a personal unit seems more difficult since one would have to counteract any heat made by the body, to not stand out. So a cold pack of some kind it would have to be low power so it’s magnetic signature is low enough to be lost in background, yet all seems plausible to me. Thanks Jim

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