1.9 The Evolution of Man

Kyle Cole
October 7, 2013

 This week, we discussed the evolution of man from here on out. The title is truly deceiving. Enjoy!




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  1. Interesting yet since this is my forte I am somewhat biased. In a Newtonian universe anything with less than 1 chance in 10 to the 26th. power is impossible, Darwinian evolution needs a series of these miracles to work. Science defined by Bacon is measurable and testable , and falsifiable. We have done over a billion experiments on mutations and not once have we created new information only information loss. We need to be careful beneficial is a subjective not scientific term. A club foot keeps you out of the military and Utah beach. Can randomness produce Mozart?And if you believe it can, is this belief religious or scientific? Next point Steven Hawkins can’t survive in a survival of the fittest environment. Margaret Sanger is alive and well today the “Mud Races” are having too many children. Who get’s to determine who is worthy of life and who is not? Remember Einstein was born of a Mud race. And since I’m of Irish stock so was I. Next designer babies [not randomness } If we could make everyone faster ,stronger, smarter, with perfect teeth, would we be better? Would there more Mother Teressas or more Stalins ? The former spent her life serving those society felt unfit for life. And Stalin spent his killing those he found unfit. Which was better? The first was a creationist, the second a naturalist. Last note Khan blows up with the Reliant. PS punctuated equilibrium [the hopeful monster theory] popularized by Steven J. Gould

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