1.8 Who Wants To Live Forever?

Kyle Cole
October 2, 2013

This week, we discuss immortality…do you want to live forever?





  1. One question that occurred to me while listening to this is that maybe living forever is attractive because we are afraid of death. It sounds like the three participants are more afraid of boredom than of death.

  2. my thoughts dovetail what Jesse posted fear of death and belief of what happens after death must determine our view of immortality. Quality of life seems like we can improve through medicine postpone the point where everything hurts. I believe your entire body is replaced every seven years, so we are copies of copies, and each one a little less sharp. You mentioned stem cell controversy and I believe this was media made there has never been a ban on adult stem cells [cord blood cells are adult cells it is a bad choice of terminology in my opinion.} There was only a restriction on fetal stem cells and the US government didn’t want to fund it, and there is a worldwide ban on human cloning and human experimentation.the Holy Grail of cloning is part cloning If a doctor can inject new cells and you grow a new liver. Yet marketing if you are a pharmaceutical company you do not want to be accused of human experimentation, it is not good for business.

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