1.7 Downloading A Human Brain

Kyle Cole
September 23, 2013

Hey friends!

This week, we discuss the process and possibility of downloading and operating a human brain within a computer. Enjoy!




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  1. Very interesting, I don’t know if I agree on the lack of emotion, since the way we remember things is affected by our emotions, we don’t remember things in a pure state, that is why 5 witnesses don’t agree. And since the brain records images, just like photographs reveal personality of the taker, how the memories are framed and what is the center of focus. I was thinking of the Harry Potter idea of walking through someone else’s memory. The idear that we are a collection of memories, how we react in the present is built on former memories. One of the reasons the Soviets were obsessed with rewriting history was the effect it had on perception of current actions. If we could record key memories in a person’s life then virtually walk through them the old adage “never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins”. Since we are creatures with a great capacity for empathy our own humanness might fill in the organic missing element. thanks.

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