1.5 Hyperloop

Kyle Cole
September 10, 2013

This week the team discusses Elon Musk’s Hyperloop high-speed rail system.




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  1. reat show read the whole 54 pages to get ready for show. The “loop” is safer than a train in an earthquake, besides just the shaking of a load the rail has t tendency to make bends and offsets, so train traffic has to stop after a quake of 5.0 and rail be inspected, entire length if the loop is compromised out side air rushes in slowing a pod down if you happened to be a a buckle point the air bearing would take the brunt of the load. it would be like a fender bender. unless it was the 9.6 we are waiting for, still it would be better than a train at that point. it is a political long shot the highest cost in public transportation is labor, trains 3 shifts of engineers with accrued vacation time. Seems like the first portion would have to be Vegas, the high speed rail was stopped years ago because of law suit for the desert tortoise and kangaroo rat an elevated tube with solar panels might appease the loudest opponents, and if Vegas provided the venture capital, the use of the public right of way might be given for a tax per rider.

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