1.15.1 Us Breakup, Part 1

Kyle Cole
December 30, 2013

Hey listeners,

This week (in the first of two parts), we have a guest, Joey Huddleston, on the show to discuss whether or not certain states could succeed from the USA.





  1. Interesting there is an old saying “show me someone under 30 who isn’t a liberal I show you someone with no heart . Show me someone over 30 who isn’t conservative I’ll show you someone without a brain” . Since we come from different sides of the 30 divide, we naturally see things different. This 1960’s mythology about the Civil War not being about slavery falls apart by the incorporation of slavery forever in the CSA’s constitution. As I like to harass my Southern friends how can it be “The War of Northern Aggression” when the South fired the first shots? Yet the biggest flaw I perceive is nature abhors a vacuum. If the U.S. separates tyrannies around the globe will pounce on the weakest around them. This experiment is not done in isolation, repercussions would be Biblical in my not so humble opinion. And in every revolution the last player most likely won’t be who started it. The Muslim Brotherhood did not start what happened in Egypt yet they crept from the shadows very rapidly, as soon as Mubarak was sidelined. In politics there are always at least two sides, and true believers can be quite dangerous, if my side is completely right I don’t need to listen, to the other side. In logic an ad hominem attack shows a lapse in argument. Does the Tea party have any legimate arguments or is non-stop spending morally superior? Is it true that Southerners are more racist than those living above the Mason Dixie line? Or are they more concerned with diversity of color than thought? I wish this topic was impossible, yet I fear that pie in the sky thinking could bring this down upon our heads. Freedom and stability are abnormal in history, tyranny and servitude is the default setting of the world. And to throw Ayn Rand into the mix what happens if you separate those who produce more than they consume, from those who consume more than they produce? People have said 12 hours without electricity is all that separates civilization from barbarism. If we could separate under the most peaceful conditions how would California make up for its power generation shortfall? Once last comment If you believe California has a well functioning Government, I would get a new dictionary. Thanks for you time Jim Donahue

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