1.14 Jurassic Park

Kyle Cole
December 11, 2013

In this week’s episode, we discussed the possibilities of John Hammond’s dream (via Michael Crichton) of a theme park where dinosaurs and humans interact. Is this possible?






  1. Another interesting show, if we have access to DNA then it seems very possible. Right now DNA trapped in hard protein such as in hair and scales lasts the longest, since DNA oxidizes readily. It is very hard to extract, when we find a more efficient way of extracting this type of DNA it opens up greater opportunities. Living dinosaurs, we have alligators, sharks, kimono dragons, and the chambered nautilus that apparently having changed. Yet we think of dinosaurs as the giants, I believe all reptiles have indeterminate growth which means they grow until death. So many reptiles could be altered to grow faster what difference would there be from a 50′ alligator and a T Rex? Are the subset of reptiles we call dinosaurs just smaller in present day? We might be surprised if we find intact DNA how many are still here yet not what we have pictured them to be. Would we recognize a 4′ T rex? Thanks Jim

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