1.13 Iron Man

Kyle Cole
November 12, 2013

Hey Friends!

This week, we discussed the possibility of Iron Man or moreso the generality of exoskeletons.






  1. another interesting show, I agree the more streamlined the more difficult.What is the cushion between armor and flesh? If I diffuse a force over a larger area it protects me. So small arms fire and maybe grenades and mortars, after that the different acceleration rates on limbs might cause some difficulty.And for flight his thrusters are electric I think they call them re-pulsars.It sends out something like a anti-gravity wave if this technology is “possible” it doesn’t seem a stretch to make a virtual wing for the suit to cause lift to constantly repulse the compressed air slightly ahead and below the suit. It would have to be fly by wire.I can’t imagine the power consumption. And military I see at least two uses weight carrying over rough terrain and low power units for stealth, not leaving tracks, or moving through trees in jungle warfare.

      1. Sorry for the late reply. I hope you have enjoyed the jurassic park episode by now. There really is not a script. I am not really a naysayer, it’s just that none of these things are possible.

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