4.20 Ion Drives

Kyle Cole
June 25, 2017

NASA’s Warp Drive

Alcubierre “Warp” Drive

NASA “Is Warp Drive Real?”

NASA Tests “impossible” no-fuel quantum space engine

Ion Thruster Sets World Record

NASA Ion Propulsion

Cannae Cubesat


4.19 The Scientific Method

Kyle Cole
May 31, 2017

What’s wrong with the Scientific Method?

There is no Scientific Method.



4.18 Remote Depositing Cash

Kyle Cole
May 7, 2017

BB&T: Remote Deposit Capture

Cash is Dying

The Dollar is Too Nationalisitc

The Disappearing Paper

The Destruction of Money

Bitcoin to Dollar Conversion

Bitcoin is Dead

What is the Gold Standard?

Gold Price Today (per ounce)



4.17 Altruism

Kyle Cole
May 1, 2017

Altruism Definition

Ayn Rand Article

NYT Blog

Animal Altruism

Does True Altruism Exist?

TED: How to Buy Happiness

Forbes: Doing Good is Good Business…


Richard Browning Iron Man Suit

Waymo Self-Driving Cars

Larry Page Flying Car


4.16 Empathy

Kyle Cole
February 6, 2017

Define: Empathy

Can We Build A Robot With Empathy?

Why Computers Need Empathy

RSA Definition

People Literally Feel Pain

30 Traits of an Empath

The Paradox of Empathy


4.15 The Earth Be Flat

Kyle Cole
January 24, 2017

Curvature in Feet per Mile

1-in-4 Americans Think The Sun Revolves Around the Earth

Earth is Stationary Proofs

The Earth is Flat: Explained

10 “Proofs” the Earth Is Flat

10 Ways to Know the Earth Is Not Flat

Why is the Flat Earth Theory Still a Thing?

Flat Earth Society: FAQ



4.14 Phrenology

Kyle Cole
January 17, 2017


Phrenology: The Skeptic’s Dictionary

History of Phrenology

The Atlantic: The Shape of Your Head and the Shape of Your Mind

Brain Imagining, Modern Phrenology

99% Invisible: Plat of Zion


4.13 Alchemy

Kyle Cole
January 10, 2017


LiveScience “What Is Alchemy?”

Comprehensive History of Alchemy

Another History of Alchemy

Earliest Egyptian Chemical Manuscripts

What is Alchemy?

Arthur C Clarke’s Three Laws

Why Early 80’s Babies Are Different Than Other Millennials

Alchemy Word Origin

Transmuting Word Origin




4.12 Dragons and Where To Find Them

Kyle Cole
December 19, 2016

Chinese Dragons (Wikipedia)

Bombadier Beetle video

5 Reasons Dragons Exist

Natural History of Dragons

Dragon Symbolism

Quora (Richard Muller UC Berkeley Phsyics)

California Condor Wingspan

Trogdor: The Burninator

Are Dragons Real

History of English Podcast

Where did Dragons Come From?


4.11 Dating Dinosaurs

Kyle Cole
December 12, 2016

Great News Everyone: First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

Carbon-14 Dating Method

Radiometric Dating

Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective

Most Carnivorous Dinosaurs Were Actually Vegetarians