4.8 Journey to the Center of the Earth

Kyle Cole
November 14, 2016

Tokyo Disney Seas’ Ride

Is it possible to dig a hole through the center of the earth?

Hyperphysics article

Purdue Gravity Train Project

Gravity Train Wikipedia

The Coriolis Effect

Hollow Earth Theory Wiki


To The Core: How Can We Travel To The Center of the Earth?

Journeying to the Wilderness of Iceland With Jules Verne

How we know what’s at the earth’s core

When the world screamed…

Concave busts follow your gaze


4.7 Living on the Moon

Kyle Cole
November 7, 2016

We could be living on the moon in 10 years or less!

US Government Funding of Major Space Goals

What will it take to live on the moon?

Chinese Moon Rover

International Space Elevator Conference

Communication Delay Calculation

Space Elevator Safety

Lunar Elevator Within A Decade



4.6.1 Ghosts Bonus!

Kyle Cole
October 31, 2016

Refer to previous episode!


4.6 Ghosts

Kyle Cole
October 18, 2016

4 Scientific Reasons for Ghosts

The Creepy Scientific Explanations for Ghosts

Magnet Implant

Elasticity of Space

Who is Brian Greene?

Quantum Theory of Ghosts

The Pseudo-science of Ghosts


History of Halloween

Why do People Believe in Ghosts?

Scientific Explanations for Ghosts

Top 10 Famous Real Ghosts!


4.5 Premonition

Kyle Cole
October 10, 2016

Difference Between Premonition and Precognition

Dreams and Visions of Indians

Premonitions and a Possible Reason We Get Them



4.4 Being Two Places At Once

Kyle Cole
October 3, 2016

Nobel Prize for Two Quantum Physicists

Discover Science Article


Einstein Was Right!

Quantum Mechanics Definition



4.3 AntMan

Kyle Cole
September 19, 2016

Shrink Rays Are Impossible!

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters

The Science of AntMan

Science Says AntMan Should Be Running Weirder

Blind, Deaf, and Tiny Voice

Shrinking and the Higgs Boson

The Planck Constant

Crichton’s Micro

How To Shrink People



4.2 Modular Cities

Kyle Cole
September 12, 2016

Tony Hsieh’s Las Vegas Shopping & Dining Experience

Hong Kong Transformer Apartment

Where on Earth is Singapore?

13 Solutions for Urban Growth

Tiny Modular Housing System for Cities

New Era of Modular Cities

The Seasteading Institute: Moral Imperatives

Desert Cities: Modular Network Nodal Idea for the Middle East

Max-im-ally Deployable



4.1 Solar Freakin’ Roadways

Kyle Cole
September 7, 2016

Solar Roadways on Route 66

Solar Roadways FAQ

Why Solar Roadways Won’t Work [VIDEO]

Solar Roadways Featured Videos  [VIDEO]

Tesla Motors Forum

Government Engineer’s Take on Solar Roadways 

4 Reasons Solar Roadways are F*cking Stupid

MoDOT’s “Road to Tomorrow” Initiative

Solar Roadways Specifics


[RE-POST] 1.14 Jurassic Park

Kyle Cole
August 29, 2016

For this last re-post between Seasons 3 and 4, here is our most popular episode to date!

Jurassic Park