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  1. Great show , one proof for a spinning Earth is the procession of a pendulum. You would have to do it at the south pole to show it doesn’t work there. North pole wouldn’t work because the ice is flowing you actually have to walk to stay on the north pole since the ice is flowing. What are GPS satellites mounted to? Job one of the oldest books in the Bible talks about the earth being round the Hebrew hints at a sphere, yet it is not black and white. Job 26;7 He stretches the north over empty space, and hangs the earth on nothing. 26:10 He has inscribed a circle on the surface of the waters , at the boundary of light and darkness. “. This is the circle of sunrise and sun set that can only be seen from space, and only works on a globe , the curvature of circle is caused by the curvature of the earth, the earth is causing the shadow we call night. These verses were some of the ones Copernicus used in his trial for disagreeing with the Greek Pagan Aristotle. To my knowledge there is no verse in the Bible claiming the Earth is either flat or the center of the Universe, these were both Greek concepts, not Hebrew. Thanks Jimmy’s dad .

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