4.19 The Scientific Method

Kyle Cole
May 31, 2017

What’s wrong with the Scientific Method?

There is no Scientific Method.



4.18 Remote Depositing Cash

Kyle Cole
May 7, 2017

BB&T: Remote Deposit Capture

Cash is Dying

The Dollar is Too Nationalisitc

The Disappearing Paper

The Destruction of Money

Bitcoin to Dollar Conversion

Bitcoin is Dead

What is the Gold Standard?

Gold Price Today (per ounce)



4.17 Altruism

Kyle Cole
May 1, 2017

Altruism Definition

Ayn Rand Article

NYT Blog

Animal Altruism

Does True Altruism Exist?

TED: How to Buy Happiness

Forbes: Doing Good is Good Business…


Richard Browning Iron Man Suit

Waymo Self-Driving Cars

Larry Page Flying Car