4.15 The Earth Be Flat

Kyle Cole
January 24, 2017

Curvature in Feet per Mile

1-in-4 Americans Think The Sun Revolves Around the Earth

Earth is Stationary Proofs

The Earth is Flat: Explained

10 “Proofs” the Earth Is Flat

10 Ways to Know the Earth Is Not Flat

Why is the Flat Earth Theory Still a Thing?

Flat Earth Society: FAQ



4.14 Phrenology

Kyle Cole
January 17, 2017


Phrenology: The Skeptic’s Dictionary

History of Phrenology

The Atlantic: The Shape of Your Head and the Shape of Your Mind

Brain Imagining, Modern Phrenology

99% Invisible: Plat of Zion


4.13 Alchemy

Kyle Cole
January 10, 2017


LiveScience “What Is Alchemy?”

Comprehensive History of Alchemy

Another History of Alchemy

Earliest Egyptian Chemical Manuscripts

What is Alchemy?

Arthur C Clarke’s Three Laws

Why Early 80’s Babies Are Different Than Other Millennials

Alchemy Word Origin

Transmuting Word Origin