4.6.1 Ghosts Bonus!

Kyle Cole
October 31, 2016

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4.6 Ghosts

Kyle Cole
October 18, 2016

4 Scientific Reasons for Ghosts

The Creepy Scientific Explanations for Ghosts

Magnet Implant

Elasticity of Space

Who is Brian Greene?

Quantum Theory of Ghosts

The Pseudo-science of Ghosts


History of Halloween

Why do People Believe in Ghosts?

Scientific Explanations for Ghosts

Top 10 Famous Real Ghosts!


4.5 Premonition

Kyle Cole
October 10, 2016

Difference Between Premonition and Precognition

Dreams and Visions of Indians

Premonitions and a Possible Reason We Get Them



4.4 Being Two Places At Once

Kyle Cole
October 3, 2016

Nobel Prize for Two Quantum Physicists

Discover Science Article


Einstein Was Right!

Quantum Mechanics Definition