Overview 3.7

Kyle Cole
July 27, 2016

The final overview of Season 3!

Season 4 to premiere September 5th


3.21 Using The Entire Brain

Kyle Cole
July 18, 2016

Final episode of the season!!!

The Best Brain Possible


‘Limitless’ Brain Potential

TEDed Video

Brain Weight

Cooking Is What Separates Human Evolution

Brain Power

Brain Myths

Mythbusters Perpetuate Brain Myths

Wired Article on the Brain Myths

Neuroscience for Kids


3.20 Telepathy

Kyle Cole
July 11, 2016


US Patent on Helmet That Wirelessly Multiplexes Brain Waves 

iBrain For Stephen Hawking

Smithsonian Article

How Twins Work

Telepathy in Super Heroes


3.19 Organic Electronics

Kyle Cole
July 4, 2016

Happy fourth of July, America!

What are organic electronics?

Embracing the Organics World


Organic Electronics for a Better Tomorrow

Samsung OLED Displays to 560 Million in 2016

Moore’s Law

Organic Electronics: The Technology of the Future?

Facts About Silicon

The Galaxy S5 has the best display on the market