3.3 Aliens Exist

Kyle Cole
January 25, 2016

C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy

Mars: History of False Impressions

John Carter of Mars

Ancient Aliens

NASA Announces Breakthrough in Astrobiology


3.2 “You’re Incorrigible…”

Kyle Cole
January 17, 2016

Define: Incorrigibles

Norway’s Prisons

Teaching Morality

Operant Conditioning – BF Skinner

Pavlov’s Dogs

Kohlberg’s Ethical-Moral Dilemma

TED Talk – Joseph Roche

Lost Horizon – James Hilton


3.1 Holding Malacandra Ransom

Kyle Cole
January 11, 2016


Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Podcast

Musk’s Plan to send 1,000,000 people to Mars

NASA: Liquid Flows on Mars Today

Could we inhabit the moon? What do you think! Tell us in the comments!


Season 3, Episode Preview 1

Kyle Cole
January 4, 2016

Hey Podcast Listeners,

We are changing things a little bit this season (as you’ll hear more of in this preview) and we will be doing the episodes in themes of three episode blocks. Previous to any episodes from the block “airing,” we will issue a preview episode like this one. This will typically be the first Monday of the month.

We hope you enjoy the new format and that you’ll continue to interact with us on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for listening!