1.15.2 US Breakup, Part 2

Kyle Cole
January 29, 2014

This week, we end our first season with the second half of our discussion about the US Breakup.

See you in a few weeks with a new season!





  1. Words without definition foster miscommunication in my far from humble opinion. What is an extremist position? 10% or or less of a population group agrees with you? Is extremism always wrong? Most of the time? Is the lynch mob extreme or the one guy trying to stop them? Freedom in history is an anomaly, are those in favor of freedom extremist’s? For most of human history it was the norm to own other humans, Democracy is mob rule, and mobs aren’t know for their stellar moral behavior. That is why Plato preferred a Republic. So this comes down to your view of man basically good, evil, or morally neutral. I side with logic and history and hold that man unbridled tends towards the dark side. When Egypt exploded there was a US warship with more fire power than all of Egypt, did this affect the Egyptian military’s response? What would be similar in the U.S. scenario. If you compare the U.S. revolution with a strong God centered population to the godless revolutions of France, Soviets, Mao’s China,Adolph’s Germany, and Pol pot’s Cambodia. When the restraint on man is removed, it has not been our finest hours. In your scenario what would be the resistance to our darker angels? And that China that slaughtered 60 million of their own civilians, in the pursuit of power would sit by idly when the greatest obstacle from them having world domination was down for the count, because of domestic problems, explain that to the Aztecs and Incas that upheaval in Spain would keep them safe. Be careful what you hope for, thanks for the stimulating discussion Jim Donahue

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